Veterans History


A word from OUR founder -

For the past 14 years I have been documenting and recording stories from American and Canadian war veterans.  To date I have interviewed almost 1000 veterans, resulting in over a dozen powerful and inspiring film documentaries. “Lest They Be Forgotten,” is my tribute, thank you, and labor of love towards those men and women who have served our country faithfully. Our young people today need to learn of the sacrifices which have gone before them so they can better appreciate all veterans and the freedoms we share in our country.

I am proud and excited to bring you this vast, historic collection of stories from American and Canadian war veterans. “History is best learned from those who were there.  An act of remembrance is an act of honor!!”  When we remember our veterans we are honoring their memory and great sacrifice made for our country and world. How can we thank our veterans enough for what they have done?

Please join me in thanking our veterans and those serving today.

   - Larry R. Cappetto -